FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

All customer assistance offered by White-Branch will be available on working days (Monday to Friday), from 10:00 to 18:00, by email at info@white-branch.com, and with respect to orders, at order@white-branch.com.

1- How do I place an order?
To place an order, just choose the item/s that you want to buy, select the quantities and characteristics (pay attention to the dimensions, and the final appearance desired, so that there are no problems with your order).
Next, after confirming the points described above, confirm the item/s, and fill out the client identification form, so that we can proceed with the order (taking care to fill out all necessary fields and provide truthful, accurate and full details about your identity, so that there are no problems with your order).
The shipping costs and taxes are calculated, based on the shipping address, and will be added to the final value before completing the order (all the values will be presented clearly and in detail).

2- What payment methods are possible?
The method of payment will be presented in euros and dollars, depending on the currency of the client’s shipping address. Payment can be made via PayPal or by Bank Transfer.
On completing the order, you will receive an email confirming it, with the shipping details and a breakdown of all the costs. However, if an item is not in stock, the client will be informed by email. This type of situation may affect the delivery time.

3- What shipping options are offered?
After making the payment the client will receive a new email acknowledging receipt of payment, and we will then proceed to ship the order. Full information on the shipper who will deliver the order will also be available.
If the Client wants another company to deliver their item, the Client must inform White-Branch at order@white-branch.com , within 24 hours, and if there is any problem with the  delivery, this will be the sole responsibility of the Client.

4- How can I modify or cancel an order?
The order can be modified 2 working days after payment is made, by informing  White-Branch at the following email: order@white-branch.com, on working days (Monday to Friday), from 10:00 to 18:00, and the 30 day maximum  delivery period starts again from the day White-Branch confirms the alteration with the client. Similarly, in the case of cancellation, the Client may do so 2 working days after making the payment, by informing White-Branch on the following email: order@white-branch.com

5- Technical Assistance, Repairs, Guarantee and Maintenance
Technical Assistance and Repairs: If the product is used correctly and becomes damaged due to manufacturing faults, we will take responsibility and repair it. The Client must communicate any defect or malfunction of the product acquired,in writing by e-mail to info@white-branch.com, indicating their order number and a description of the malfunction, including photographs. The costs of the return or pick-up of items within the guarantee period will be covered by White Branch, Lda, if it considers that the damage caused was due to a manufacturing defect.


Once the item has been received at White Branch, Lda’s premises, the client will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by email, and a technical inspection will be made by the brand’s representative or its official repairer and, if any nonconformity is discovered, the item will be replaced. In this case, White Branch, Lda will replace the item and ship it to the Client’s address without any additional cost. The Client will always receive a report on the condition of the item, duration of the repair and we will contact the Client before shipping the product.
If the technical inspection detects signs of misuse and/or any problem that may have caused the malfunction of the item (e.g.: being dropped, humidity, etc.) the client will be contacted to indicate if theywish to proceed with the repair of the equipment, which may or may not imply an additional cost. In this case, the item will be sent to the brand’s Technical Assistance Service.

Guarantee: All items have a 2-year guarantee.

Maintenance: Every product has a cleaning and care manual. Clients will find the most appropriate cleaning option on our site, on each product’s page. For more detailed information the client can always send an email.

6- Incomplete or damaged orders?
The Client must communicate in writing any defect or question to the e-mail order@white-branch.com, indicating their order number and a description, including photographs if necessary. White-Branch will immediately take steps to resolve all problems and always keep the client fully informed.

7- What is the status of my order?
White-Branch provides full shipping information as soon as payment of the order is made, and once again on the date it is sent. Information on the order will be available online, but if further clarification is needed, send us an email to order@white-branch.com or to info@white-branch.com, always including the order number.

8- How can I subscribe?
All clients can subscribe on our site, www.White-Branch.com. To stop receiving our newsletter just click on un-subscribe on one of our emails.  However, if our clients have any difficulty in carrying out any of these actions, they may always get in touch with us on info@white-branch.com, and we will provide any help needed.

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